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Google Glass in a harlem shake style

Hello Buddies, Well all u hear and read about is the Smart Phones,Android,iOS,Apple and some cool gadgets .How about for some Cool funny and weird gizmos that could be useful for you and your friends, for fun and pranks and sometimes u might be lucky to get it all worth,like the one in the video. Its all about going crazy with Google Glass.Many say it is future of knowing people and the way they think.Is it that many are going to be interested in this Cool stuff or it's just a popularity stunt. This is amongst the coolest video presented to you among the choosen one's, which will crack your brain and will ache your stomach with laughter. Its all you can say how a normal teenage guy will use this Gizmo for fun. This includes all possible ways it can be watching sports,playing games,watching videos this includes dirty one's also,or just a normal search in case of interviews or definitely as the above video suggests. The video is hilarious presentation of Google