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Watch the iwatch -New Year Surprise from Apple

My name is watch iWatch from Apple.Yo the gadget of year is here with 1.5in LED screen.You can text,email,chat on Facebook,wasssup and communicate with any apple device via Bluetooth.
Isn't it amazing,now you can see who is calling on your watch instead of digging you smartphone from pocket and check why is it vibrating.Its Cool.

Apple gadgets is viewed as as a Status to have and with this launch of gadgets which is so handy its going to rock as street viewers said.Theiphone5 was out of stock in just 3 weeks even though people dislike the phone maps it carried.But it is worth a take
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So guess it and be ready to grab this special gadget.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean--Emerging from the Hick-ups of lower version with Google Nexus


iPhone5 with fullyloaded features launching 21st September


Smart Phones are more popular then television

There was a day when People use to sit in front of Television for hours watching and murmuring about the Serials and episodes.But those days have changed now.Smart Phones have now become more popular then this Television sets.It is like it has become a part of our lives,the Television use to give us News and information which is now possible on Smartphones as well it has become an mode of entertainment with all sort of extra features which television may not provide.The usage of Smart Apps on Mobiles the full access to Internet and visual display of Information graphically has brought an tremendous change for the users which they can move on tip of finger.

The users who use to spend several hours in front of Television are not spending the same on Smart Phones many surveys revealed that in terms of television there was a period when elders used to tell children see this it is important gain knowledge from this it is an informational program for children.But now it is vice-verse child…

Android is losing race to Apple's iphone

Apple has gained almost double market share recently with the launch of Apple iPhone4s.The Shares of US Smartphone has gone nearly 44.9 percent as per Kantar Worldpanel ComTech suggested.
The Kantar said it has been a long period of time when the rivalry between Apple and Android started and it almost looked like Android was gonna overtake Apple but as if of the FAST and FURIOUS Race the Nitrous was the turning Point one can say to take Apple in front lead as that of APPLE iPHONE4s the Nitrous suggested.

Overall Apple sales are growing faster then Android in nine countries like Britain, Australia and the US. Dominic Sunnebo.It was heard that there was around 37.4 million iPhone sales in last quarter of Year.
After the Late Steve Jobs departed the Apple was handled by Tim Cook but no-doubt this chief executive was so capable that he helped in boosting the sales and rising the company towards success for which people doubted after departure of STEVE THE KING JOBS.Np doubt the problems fa…

Android is right choice for U.S resident

The story what has arrived from few days is that majority of U.S residents prefer Samsung Android device than any other OS device.Why is it so does anyone knows when asked people replied it is User friendly with high display quality and functionality .

For quite few time the competition between Apple and Android seems to be leading by Android at least in this few months.With the latest Android version releasing the improvement has shown by Android.As the users current Smartphone device may be the reason why he looks for some additional features and he might find it in Android then in any other OS.That is the reason the market share has increased to 47 percent compare to Apple iPhone's 24 percent

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Also since major Smartphone owners as of Samsung and Motorola,Samsung Android is the most preferred one and is expanding it's market at a quicker rate following them is Motorola and HTC as well as ZTE and Huawei are challenging them .Lets hope for the best as t…