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Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone a wise purchase or not????

It was Nokia who was the center of attraction last few weeks because of its exclusive launch of Lumia Windows phone 7.5.This was the smart phone release by Nokia after tie-up with Windows. The launch of Lumia shares similar  features as of MeeGo powered N9 which included the single-piece polycarbonate construction which looks similar but the addon to it is the singlecore 1.4Ghz processor,16GB of internal storage ,512 MB ram and 8-megapixel camera along with the video resolution and capture is 720p video with 3.7 inch and WVGA resolution with Clear Black Amoled display is an icing on cake.No doubt the market rate will be higher as approximately $585 but U.S might have to wait a bit too long . In order to acheive something Big as it is wisely stated "Drop him in water and he will learn to swim by himself " so is the Nokia who opted to take a large Leap and jump directly into the European Market first rather than taking small footsteps however but to succeed  widel

Nokia finally unveils its first Windows Phones!!!!!

  Nokia finally unveils its first Microsoft Windows Phones - Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Nokia launched two new sleek phone models to get back in race with Apple and Google. The Lumia - 800 features easy access to Social Network like Facebook and has a high-definition video playback . The Lumia - 800 will sell for about about $580(euro420) excluding subsidies. The high-end Lumia - 800 comes with vivid colors and a curved, black display, features Windows Phone's live icons on the home screen, which automatically update news,  weather and Facebook feeds . It  also  has boasts   free  navigation  and Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 browser, putting it in  the same bracket as Apple's iPhone and Samsung's top Galaxy phones. With Carl Zeiss optics and 16GB of internal memory, the phone will be available in some European countries in November, including France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Britain. It will be shipped in Hong Kong, I

Samsung Galaxy SII vs Apple Iphone 4s vs Motorola Droid Bionic which is BEST...

This Summer it has been tremendous pressure for the Phone companies as some of the spectacular smartphones been released this summer.It was a mere surprise to see that one motivated another and same way dethroned each other in supremacy to be on top, the Motorola DROID BIONIC, Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile, and Apple iPhone 4S all sailing the same boat yet competing for best of the best.Everyone waited this summer to see the outstanding quality phone but yet to make decision on what to choose. Design Starting from iphone4s the sporty and classy design make you feel royal with its glassy surface and smooth finish by its stainless steel brushed band which catch your eye at first site,Comparing Motorola DROID BIONIC and Samsung Galaxy S II with it they are decent in their own way for professionals and office guys because of the plastic construction but still as compare to iphone4s somewhat down,But when it comes to the Drop down Test as of earlier post

HTC incredible HD,Rezound,Vigor whatever you say uneveiled by 3 november

Everyone around biting their nails and waiting patiently for the HTC to officially announce the Incredible HD,Vigor,Rezound whatever you say and it looks the wait will be over soon.Since the sources revealed that HTC might host and event on November 3rd in New York City for the disclosure of Rezound. The timing do make a sense as the HTC's flagship device on Verizon will compete with the Motorola Droid Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as it might be the hottest topic this november.  HTC Vigor is rumored to be an Android 2.3.4 smartphone with 1.5GHz Dual-core processor and 720p resolution 4.3" display. It is expected to replace the HTC ThunderBolt in VZW's line. Other details remain unknown. It also features 1GB of RAM, 16 gigs of internal storage, 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front-facing cameras, while on the software front it will run an updated HTC Sense UI,version 3.5.                                                                          

Samsung Galaxy Nexus buyers shocks as no Gorilla Glass present

As the Motorola Droid got famous for its Corning's Gorilla Glass it became must for many buyers as it protects the phones from cracking and breaking in case of sudden fall.This Glass is treated with salt bath which tempers the glass and make it strong as if an extra quotation is stuck to it the ions hold down to surface making it harder to break.

Android Belongs to Microsoft but not completely...

Strike while the iron is hot.Recently, Microsoft announced a new patent licensing partnership with Compal, an original design manufacturer (ODM) of Android-powered smartphones and tablets. This new partnership means that Microsoft has licensing agreements with manufacturers that account for more than half of all Android devices produced.  Microsoft made an agreement with Compal, and  pressured other Android manufacturers as it requires the company to pay Microsoft a licensing fee for each Android tablet or smartphone that it produces. The exact amount of the license fee or terms of the agreement were not revealed but sources stated that more importantly, this agreement puts Microsoft's hands in the pockets of companies that are responsible for producing 53 percent of the Android devices in the U.S. A number of the agreements are with smaller companies like Compal, but Microsoft has signed licensing contracts with big players like HTC and Samsung as

Apple faces another Loss as Kittlaus Departs...???

The co-founder and CEO of company Dag Kittlaus that created the Siri voice control feature left the company after the release of iphone4s according to sources.There were several reasons behind him why he left the organization as of his family being in Chicago and another reason might be of taking some time off and think of some new interest and entrepreneurial ideas. Dag Kittlaus led the team for speech recognition for apple since they took on siri in 2010.Since he had been Siri’s CEO since 2007 also before that, the Norwegian-born Kittlaus was an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stanford Research Institute and had also worked at Motorola. Siri is an alternative to search that converses with the user, processing requests, answering questions and learning from each interaction like a cross between semantic search and artificial intelligence. CEO Dag Kittlaus demonstrates the app to Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher K

Download Bubble Live Wallpaper for Android!!

Now tab bubble to burst with this fun bubble live wallpaper. You can also change different themes, bubble colors and number of bubbles floating. This live wallpaper comes with a Features: - 7 background themes - 6 bubble colors - Bubble droid - Ability to change number of bubbles floating - Smooth the edge of bubble - Reverse bubble acceleration - Rotating right/left to accelerate bubbles - Bubble counter - Support most resolutions including Android 3.0 tab How to setup:- download and install the apk from below file then go to Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers Note: It is live wallpaper so you can't open the app, you will need to follow the instruction above in order to set the wallpaper. Also slower/older devices below with Android OS  2.1 can't run it too, currently it has been tested on Nexus S, HTC Desire and Samsung tab so any mobile devices that is equivalent to them should run fine. If you have put the app on SD card a

Is Google Really Missing Siri....???

Andy Rubin,The head of Google’s Android mobile OS, in his recent interview stated that “You shouldn’t be communicating with the phone; you should be communicating with somebody on the other side of the phone.”He strictly disagrees as the phone cannot be your personal assistant. His ideas stated that talking to a smartphone is arguably the most natural way of communicating with it. It’s like the future of mobile communications is finally catching up with what Star Trek was doing decades ago. Why shouldn’t you be able to just ask the device for information, or tell it to perform tasks and functions rather than pinching, tapping, and swiping to accomplish the same thing Even Google Android does the same actually even Google seemed to think it was a fabulous idea when it was hyping the Voice Actions feature in Android,may be Rubin’s point is a matter of perspective maybe Rubin feels that voice commands are good, but ‘conversing’ with an artificial intelligence is

Motorola Razr Hits Verizon

As it is said slowly and steady wins the race so is the Motorola DROID RAZR who is moving on top slowly and steadily it has some of the most stunning features to be found on an Android phone. To know more in details just hit the carrier's equipment infocenter. Priced at the LTE gold standard of $299.99 with a signed 2-year pact, the Motorola DROID RAZR has plenty of Big Red customers drooling. Where exactly to start everyone is confused the dual-core 1.2GHz TI OMAP processor and the 4.3 inch qHD Super AMOLED display  ? There is 1GB of RAM on board and an 8MP camera on back capturing videos at 1080p. Also there exist the 1.3MP front-facing camera for self portrait and video chat. Android 2.3.5 comes pre-installed. The phone is waterproof and has the unmistakable Kevlar backing. Since , battery cannot be removed, which strangely enough appears to be a deal-breaker for many judging from the comments. We find this strange only because the Apple iPhone has had

Google Voice is back as bug gets fixed

Since Few days back a news from twitter came that a bug in the software was causing the app to crash whenever a user signed in also since the Mountain View based Tech Titan didn't want the problems to spread. But thanks to a new build of the software ( vs., the problem with iOS 5 has been remedied and Google has put the app back on iTunes. The news of the apps return came via a tweet from Google Voice this source also allows to text source consuming Since Google Voice allows you to text or call any domestic phone for free and make international calls at a favorable rate. Email messages can be transcribed and just one phone number will ring through to as many phones as you want. A new feature has been added which will let users access previously stored phone numbers without a data connection. All of those i OS users that depend on Google Voice will be happy to see its return to iTunes . 5KVVET5YM3T6

Personal assistant for phone is it really very necessary

In previous years there were so many  apps that were similar to iphone features as of Apple put it in the iPhone, But Siri has  become a successfully the reason behind this for surpassing the competition because of added features that don't exist in competitors like Google Voice Actions, Vlingo, Iris, and Speaktoit, and because of the incredible accuracy of Nuance's voice recognition. If you can find a quiet enough spot to use it, Siri has a wide variety of actions that can be pretty useful.  However, not everyone thinks that's the way it should be. Andy Rubin, senior vice president of mobile at Google, obviously doesn't have much reason to speak positively about features of the competition, but he has said that he doesn't think your phone should be a personal assistant. Andy said at AllThingsD, "Your phone is a tool for communicating. You shouldn't be communicating with the phone; you should be communicating with somebody on the other

Motorola Vs iPhone 4s : Which is the Best

Motorola RAZR vs iPhone 4S – Build Razr's silver-light look can fool you any time don't be such a fool it's just 7.1mm thick but Moto's latest smartphone should hold it's own against the sturdy iPhone 4S in drop test.RAZR's body is made from Kevlar plus also the  Gorilla Glass over the screen with special coating , called Splash Guard, protect the RAZR's from within making it safe. Also the iPhone 4's slick but solid build with one home button looks cool as compare too  the RAZR  that has instead gone for super-slim with a bump up top with four capacitive Android buttons below the screen.Now it depends on the owner what he decide whether he like a bit more room in his pocket or he is willing to sacrifice space for the iPhone's minimalist looks. Motorola RAZR vs iPhone 4S – Screen Unless you check out the RAZR's qHD and Super AMOLED display, no1 can comment on the screen quality – but everyone is excited about how it will square

iphone 4s Siri a security Threat...

Everyone is excited about the new iphone4s and Siri but in this excitement a small mistake which has occured has been ignored by many users and that is all about the Security.Security firm like Sophos discovered that new iphone4s can be enabled and use even though when it is locked that also with it's voice activation services. It could be an obvious security misstep or might done it purposely but may be due to this the sell of iphone4s might come down as it was in first week as it nearly cross 4.5million units.If any one of you have this iphone4s in hand one can try this security glitch feature easily.just go to settings>general>password lock.Enter your new password and confirm and then lock after setting it. Normally when you access your iphone you would like to hit the home or power on button or swipe to unlock and then enter the four-six digit number you set as password.But in this case just tap the home button once and then hold down it to activate Siri.Thus hold d

Winterboard for iOS 5[Cydia] Download it now

Get set and Go guys as everyones's favourate iOS customize utility for Winterboard has just been updated to support iOS 5 also one can download in Cydia. Jay Freeman  has been updating all his Cydia packages one by one to make them work smoothly with iOS 5.  A beta version of Winterboard for iOS 5 was handed over to interested testers on IRC last week. Also the testing process is going on it seems Saurik has quickly been able to remove any major bugs reported since then and has eventually released a public version of WinterBoard for iOS 5. As always, you can grab the update for free. Even though the  WinterBoard is now fully functional on iOS 5, it is not so that all the WinterBoard themes and applications are also iOS 5 compatible. Also, if you have any support or bug related issues, make sure to send a report through Cydia. There might be possibility they may fixed it up and resolve your problems.

Iphone4s : No longer safer for Computers

Smartphone users need to be aware! Hackers could use your mobile to find out what you are typing on a near by computer at your workplace.A Team at Georgia Institute of Technology in US has claimed that in a cell phone could be turned into a Spy phone it can decipher vibrations to record what is being typed on a nearby computer keyboard.The researchers have in fact ,discovered how to do it using smartphones accelerometer-the internal device that detects when and how the phone is titled. They have found it can be harnessed to sense keyboard vibrations and decipher complete sentence with upto 80% accuracy "They first tried experiment with iPhone,3GS and the results were difficult to read.But when they tried with iphone4,which has an added gyroscope to clean up the accelerometer noise,and the results were much better. "They belive that most of the smartphones made in the past few years are sophisticated enough to launch attack"The daily Mail newspaper quote

Android OS latest phone unveil by Google,Samsung

Galaxy Nexus phone running Ice Cream Sandwich,was uneveiled by Google and Samsung on Tuesday the latest android phones .Andy Rubin,senior vice president of mobile at Google announced that the phone and operating system were developed collaboratively by engineers from both companies that literally worked in the same building .Also the name of the device combines that of Samsung's line of Galaxy phones and tablets with the Nexus line of phones that were made by various manufacturers but were known as Google phones because they included all of Google's mobile services.This phone will run on high speed LTE networks as well as HSPA+ networks, as per the market demand. It might become available in November in the Europe, U.S. and Asia, including China and Japan. Japan's NTT DoCoMo is the only operator the companies announced and they did not disclose pricing information. Also the Ice Cream Sandwich which was designed to unite the tablet and Android phone into one operating sy

Motorola Razr may move from Gingerbread to Icecream Sandwich

There's a continous tug of war between Motorola RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is better phone of two.But everyone knows the real difference is of the screen, the camera, an a slight difference in weight, the availability of an SD card slot, and of course in the Android version loaded.The first bunch of points will just have to be personal preference, but the last one is something that will be changing, and sooner than you might have expected.   The Motorola senior vice president of portfolio and product management, Alain Mutricy has said that although the RAZR was designed for Gingerbread, it will get the Ice Cream Sandwich update at the "start of 2012". This is an extremely fast update given that the first ICS phone, the Galaxy Nexus, won't be on the market until next month. Many sources stated that the update which might take place so quickly could be due to the increasingly close relationship between Google and Motorola. But, of c

Motorola Droid Razr getting a closer look...

It was when the the Samsung Galaxy Nexus seemed set to steal the Android show, Motorola had to go and announce the Droid RAZR. Eventhough the Motorola Droid RAZR doesn’t come with a fresh new install of Ice Sandwich — the soon-to-be-unveiled update to Google’s mobile OS — but with a spec sheet including a 1GHz processor, 4G LTE connectivity, and a battery life of 12 hours (though not removable), there isn’t much to complain about with the new handset. The fact is that it comes only 7.1mm thick? I can’t emphasize how ridiculously thin this thing is. Even though the  bump out housing the camera sensor gets shaved down a few millimeters. But still managed to held 1GB of RAM, a steel core for durability, and amazing Super AMOLED qHD display. The stylings of this device are just plain beautiful. The tapering glass of the display, a subtly textured back made of woven kevlar, and sharp lines make the RAZR a real treat to behold. The handset is everything y

Siri has plenty to say as it goes live on set....whOoooooo

The recent adopters of the iPhone 4S, which has sold more than 4 million units since debuting on Friday, have no doubt taken Siri for a spin.The voice-activated "personal assistant" is a talkative tool that helps schedule appointments, send and receive messages and perform any number of other routine tasks. This is kind of an Artificial Intelligence which the device was planned to do.All the iPhone owners presented with the sci-fi dream of a computer that talks back in a robotic female voice are more tempted to test the app's and feel something new and innovative about the phone.The Internet, always up for a chuckle, has noticed. Blog posts, tweets and even whole websites are popping up to share what happens when users start testing the boundaries of the app by peppering Siri with off-the-wall questions. As the Siri is gaining popularity it is somewhat showing its intelligence too as that of a female inside in reality when checked with s

LG Marquee (Sprint) get to Know more Hardware/Software

Has anyone notice that LG Marquee(Sprint) is the U.S version of the Optimus Black that was released for global markets earlier this year.Many say it is same as that of Optimus Black but upto some extent and that's True.   The Hardware of LG Marquee(Sprint) is somewhat similar to that of Black but the Software is completely diffrent.Instead of running Android 2.2 Froyo with LG's custom user interface as found on the Black, the Marquee features Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread with Sprint's ID system. The Developers has worked really hard to make it something new sort of something thinking out of Box this phone offers a very stock Gingerbread experience, with little customization by LG . more on [ ]

Apple fan Risk it all by buying from grey market

The Race to become the first to own latest iPhone 4S could prove costly as warranty will be invalid for the users.Apple fans in the UAE, hungry to be the first proud owners of the newly released iPhone 4S, are snapping up grey-market smartphones after the second-generation mobile device was officially launched last Friday in North America. Authorised models of the iPhone 4S won't likely arrive in the UAE until November to be sold by Apple-approved distributors with complete warranties. Faisal Al Bannai, chief executive officer of Axiom Telecom, an authorised distributor, told Gulf News on Sunday that it won't be distributing the phones for weeks to come. "Unfortunately, the iPhone 4S is still not officially available in the UAE," Al Bannai said. "We are looking at a UAE launch sometime in November." Late November will also likely see UAE telecoms du and etisalat launch new authorised iPhone 4S packages with reduced up-front payments for the n

iPHONE4S v/s Samsung Galaxy SII

The iphone 4S was released a couple of days ago with a huge response from the consumers all over the world and with record 4 million sells in the 3 days of its launch, and who would want a brand new phone to go under the Acid test and damage the phone? But as we know the world is filled with such people with crazy ideas . Here’s one video which just made it to youtube showcasing iPhone 4S and its close competitor the Samsung Galaxy S II going under the drop down test.     In the video the person drops Each phone 3 times,first from waist height,second time around from shoulder height and 3rd time with face down(right on the display),after the fall iPhone 4S display was busted wide open with breaks on the display and the back panel of the phone,but Samsung Galaxy S II with a solid build survives any breaks with a mere scratch here and there and the display crystal clear,making it the rough and tough smartphone in the world till date. read m

iphone 4s taking a closer view

Yes, the iPhone 4S has set all manner of sales records in its first days of availability. But if you haven't yet indulged, you have a critical price-performance decision to make. iPhone 4S is barely an upgrade to the 4, and now a 4 can be had for $99 vs. $199 for the base 16 GB 4S model. Apple's biggest iPhone upgrade hasn't been hardware though, but its recent mobile operating system overhaul. iOS 5 is a major step forward, especially the new Reminders app (essentially a fancy, and quite welcome, to-do list), a remarkably accurate text-to-speech dictation option for email and texting, Twitter integration – you can now simply upload a photo to your Twitter feed. And since iOS 5 comes with the 4 (or current 4S can be upgraded), and Apple's new iCloud storage and sharing service, 4 users lose nothing operationally by staying put. But iPhone 4S offers have one exclusive draw: Siri, a voice-controlled personal assistant that not only

Apple's iPhone 4S too powerful ! Is it So

We're a little worried about iPhone gaming, and given the platform's rather large sphere of influence, mobile gaming along with it . Earlier this month Apple held a press conference and revealed the iPhone 4S, which packs an impressive dual-core Apple A5 processor - along with numerous other bells and whistles - within its modest shell. Epic Games president Mike Capps demonstrated exactly what the hardware upgrade meant for gamers by showing off Infinity Blade 2 running in real time on the device, and It looked stunning.   Capps pointed out the hardware allows Epic's designers to implement visual techniques that rival modern gaming consoles, with a few tricks that even current generation home consoles haven't even seen. Other reports have said the game features assets and physics taken from Sony's God of War 3 for the PlayStation 3.We don't sign up to cult of console purists that see iPhone gaming as some sort of inferior b

Claystone Launcher goes for 3D approach

Talking about Android there are few news about Claystone Launcher,the XDA member claystoneinc has been working on this for pas few months If many of you have not seen it before check this out the UI panel where you can place your running apps and contents into panels to swipe through. The latest upgrade also brings the 3D version of your panels and looks really good.   The best part is it's free and so you can check it out if it works for you.But make sure you share your feedback with the dev as well if you like it.Check the video for more details. via []

Now iPhone 4 Gets Siri !!!

Siri the voice behind the new iphone 4S a much talked about feature for the newly launched iPhone is now successfully been ported to the iPhone 4.So even if you don’t have the best and the faster iPhone ever(at least for now) but happen to have the iPhone 4 or you have recently bought the iPhone 4 an regretting  the buy for not having Siri on it,well worry no more,because you can enjoy Siri on the iPhone 4. The hack is courtesy Steven Troughton-Smith  from 9to5mac,he was able to get the beginning steps of a full port rolling after installing the iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files onto an iPhone 4. The port on iPhone 4 can  recognize spoken commands in both the standard Siri view and the keyboard

TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 for Sprint Android Users

TeleNav has announced  that its GPS Navigator app for Android phones is getting a major update very soon.The version named 7.1, is a new update starts with a new My Dashboard home screen and displays a local map , commute time and traffic , shortcuts and a search bar at the user’s fingertips on launching the app. Users may not immediately identify  once their trip is under way, but in the background the map features an improved rendering engine that TeleNav claims is both smoother and faster. When you talk of Android phone app, then it can be complete without the mention of widgets. TeleNav Navigator 7.1 has three of them, including a large 4×2 unit that replicates much of the My Dashboard interface including the local map, commute times and traffic delays, and the search bar. Also new in version 7.1 are customizable car icons for the map, giving the user the option to purchase 3D space ships, tanks, or sports cars to indicate their place on the map as they navigate.

October 19 : Google and Samsung decides to launch Android Ice-cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus

This month was the busiest of all for the Phone Lovers the launch of most awaited iphone5 turned into disaster as it was just an upgraded version of iphone 4 i.e. iphone 4s ,But most of them will remember this month for  the Apple King Steve Jobs, Also Google and Samsung had a debate on this to launch the next version of Android , Ice-Cream Sandwich which was scheduled on October11 ,But due to sudden demise of Steve Jobs they postponed the launch on 19 October.Today, Samsung and Google sent invitations for their official launch of the event on 19 October which may be held in Hong Kong and not in U.S. Also the South Korean company has not made direct references to the new smart phone however a recent teaser video says alot about the Nexus smartphone .Samsung was initially supposed to unveil the device at its Unpacked event during the CTIA Enterprise & Applications conference in San Diego , however the company canceled the event due to Apple co-Founder Steve Jobs’s u

iPhone 4S to be Launched in India this November or December ?

iPhone 4S has been officially launched in 7 countries with multiple carriers as of yesterday with an overwhelming response from the customers all over the world and was sold out on the pre-orders for all the carriers  in US like Sprint,Verizon and AT&T. Here’s the good news for all the indian users who are eagerly waiting to get their hands on with this beast powered by A5 processor and an upgraded hardware with double the performance than its predecessor.According to the reports by BGR   a source which is a credible one,has been right for most of its earlier breaking news about the iPhone release in the past in india has tipped them with the release dates for the iPhone 4S in india,said that the phone would eventually hit the indian markets by next month i.e november or at most the last month of the year.That is the iPhone4S would probably hit the indian shores by the end of this year.

New Windows Phone7 has Apple Grace

Many users believe that Apple has cornered the market in grace for technology products, take a look at a new handset released in Europe yesterday by LG Electronics — and running Microsoft software . Many design changes to the smartphone — which runs the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system, known as Mango was made by some german designer resulting into similar appearance like Apple, The black and smoke gray phone with distinctive blue sides has a 3.8-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. Based on a Qualcomm processor running at 1GHz, the svelte mobile measures 4.8 by 2.4 inches and is 0.4 inches thick, among the thinnest in the market. Although slightly larger than LG’s Optimus 7, it’s half an ounce lighter than that model. It also supports DLNA, a European streaming standard; USB 2.0; BlueTooth 2.1; and WiFi; as well as HSDPA 7.2 at 900, 1900, and 2100 MHz. It also provides a proximity sensor , accelerometer, digita

Only for $149.99 Samsung Stratosphere arrives on Verizon

Later in this month Samsung announced its latest smartphone, the Samsung Stratosphere which was running on latest Android 2.3( Gingerbread )Operating System.It comes with a large touchscreen display as well as a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. This handset is exclusively available for the Verizon Wireless subscribers in the US. It is Verizon’s first 4G LTE smartphone with a full physical QWERTY keyboard Certain Features of the Samsung Stratosphere: