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Redmi2 vs Lenovo A6000 vs MotoE

Xiaomi has gone again big with the 31 st March Sale on Flipkart with Redmi2. Many smartphone buyers are going crazy as they were not able to get the Redmi 2 from Flipkart as it got out of stocks in few hours . Xiaomi has again deliver something new and exciting that also under 7000INR is just an achievement in itself. Also many big companies like Apple,Samsung,Motorola,HTC ,Sony are in search of new markets.  India is becoming the most happening market for them ,since the population in India is high as well the young generation are getting crazy for new smartphones devices.The competition for them is even getting more stronger with arrival of new start up companies. But to launch something under the budget where it can be sold on high demand is becoming something difficult for these competitors. Motorola is the first to overcome the hurdle with the launching of MotoE and MotoG which came almost under 7000 and 14000 INR respectively and with the flip