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Galaxy Nexus and Ice-Cream Sandwich faces Bugs issues

Always IF's and BUT's exist what ever you do same is the condition for the Galaxy Nexus,the most hyped Smartphone in this few months is facing tremendous problems in it's working.The US early owners of the Smartphone galaxy Nexus have to face this Bugs may be this are minor faults but they cannot be overlooked.It is simply frustrating for the new Owners as after spending the "Hard Earned Money" in buying the Smart Phone like Galaxy Nexus and if it not working as per satisfaction it's a BAD CHOICE in spending so much.Even though with the 4.0.2 update and swift push to Android 4.0.3 in coming weeks some of this Bugs can create more problems. There aren't some major problems yet as the writers and users specified but as per the basic functionality is concern the users are still not satisfied.The Basic use as of Multitouch in 3D games like Shadowgun and GunBros are facing problems with the muliti touch as after playing few games the sensitivity of the

iPhone4 and iPhone4S survives Water Test

Everyone is aware about the iPhone and its Drop down test now lets concentrate on some Water Test.Liquids and electronics are enemies of each other no electronics go well with this.That is the reason we have waterproof watches and devices .Now how about a iPhone which is waterproof shocking right.But it is the truth now you can too film underwater and get great pics as Four Pro by Mocean Armor is here.This is the toughest armor one can find. The fourPro is designed in such a way that it suits your iPhone and iPhone 4s .It can go 100 feet deep as it is said is maximum safe depth.As you can see was used in shooting a National Geographic documentry on great white sharks.No doubt it cant be compare to the professional video cameras but yes as a amateur  you can try with this.The fourpro have designed it in such a way by using materials that are used in constructions of professional cameras used underwater and since iPhone's display remains visible all time you cannot control

iPhone4s Slowly and Steadily Conquering Global Market

As everyone is enjoying iPhone4s why Philippines people should remain behind,The Demand for iPhone 4s in Philippines has reached record levels the Globe Telecom Inc said with the new handsets arrival news the volume of orders is increasing day by day.Since the launch of iPhone 4s all world has gone crazy behind the Siri Effect.In a statement uttered by the Globe says the online pre-orders for the   iPhone4s are increasing in thousands.Apple may have delayed this but still the Philippine is crazy for this iPhone.The iPhone is gonna hit the Philippine market by December 16.  As per news Globe started taking pre-orders for iPhone 4s last December1 the same day rival Smart Communication Inc registered their site no doubt Globe has an exclusive deal with Apple over iPhone in their country.The Philippines is a part of third wave of countries where iPhone 4s will be launched. Many other countries Thailand,Brazil,Chile,Russia,South Africa,Malaysia,Turkey and Taiwan might rec

txtWeb invites you to be Developer and refer a Developer

txtWeb is inviting all the programmers to develop applications for txtWeb.Anyone who can develop app are free to contact and develop Apps for txtWeb. If any one is further interested in referring in an Developer he will be paid for referring if that developer develops an App Check the Developer Referral Program. . This program is an initiative to make and build the developer .He can excel in his programming skills as well as contribute to the txtWeb platform in gaining popularity.This young generation graduate Engineers who want a platform to prove themselves can also join this community so they can Excel in their Skills and place an Example in front of the World that they are not less and can compete in this struggling world and fight for the position to become a Great Developer. txtWeb is planning to gain popularity by this medium and helping the underacheivers to acheive something they have never imagine of .To show their skills and thinking and their approach towar

Latest iPhone and iPad Apps released for this Week

Get to know the latest app released this weekend Fix-it-up : World Tour This is an time management game from G5 this time centered around the car repair business ,with an underlying romance theme for the protogonist ! Game Center support,Free version available Path. This is 2.0 version of photo sharing service that shows a new app with not only sharing pictures but music locations and even sleep patterns too.Free version available Infinity Blade II. This game is sequel of most selling Infinity Blade it looks to be more interesting with better looking graphics and bigger weapons!  It’s universal for the iPhone and i Pad, plus it has Game Center support.  $6.99/£4.99.