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Indian Smart Phone devices compete with Apple and Samsung

India the country where any business can work is the hottest center currently for all the small growing smart phone companies. The place where the biggest IT sector dwells is now the hottest market for the smart phones for international brands and somewhere lost in this place is emerging new companies from India trying to overcome the bigger brands. The Indian Smartphones companies are developing affordable devices with excellent features. One amongst them is Karbonn. Karbonn based in Bangalore and founded in 2009 has now around 400 + service centers all over India. Also with launch of latest Titanium s5 the market for Karbonn is gaining heights in India competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung. The configuration itself speaks for Karbonn with 1GB RAM 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor 2000mAh battery.  The most attracting thing about karbonn is the Promixity sensor Light sensor  Accelerator sensor Dual calling feature Also the 8 megapixel came