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Galaxy Nexus and Ice-Cream Sandwich faces Bugs issues

Always IF's and BUT's exist what ever you do same is the condition for the Galaxy Nexus,the most hyped Smartphone in this few months is facing tremendous problems in it's working.The US early owners of the Smartphone galaxy Nexus have to face this Bugs may be this are minor faults but they cannot be overlooked.It is simply frustrating for the new Owners as after spending the "Hard Earned Money" in buying the Smart Phone like Galaxy Nexus and if it not working as per satisfaction it's a BAD CHOICE in spending so much.Even though with the 4.0.2 update and swift push to Android 4.0.3 in coming weeks some of this Bugs can create more problems. There aren't some major problems yet as the writers and users specified but as per the basic functionality is concern the users are still not satisfied.The Basic use as of Multitouch in 3D games like Shadowgun and GunBros are facing problems with the muliti touch as after playing few games the sensitivity of the

iPhone4 and iPhone4S survives Water Test

Everyone is aware about the iPhone and its Drop down test now lets concentrate on some Water Test.Liquids and electronics are enemies of each other no electronics go well with this.That is the reason we have waterproof watches and devices .Now how about a iPhone which is waterproof shocking right.But it is the truth now you can too film underwater and get great pics as Four Pro by Mocean Armor is here.This is the toughest armor one can find. The fourPro is designed in such a way that it suits your iPhone and iPhone 4s .It can go 100 feet deep as it is said is maximum safe depth.As you can see was used in shooting a National Geographic documentry on great white sharks.No doubt it cant be compare to the professional video cameras but yes as a amateur  you can try with this.The fourpro have designed it in such a way by using materials that are used in constructions of professional cameras used underwater and since iPhone's display remains visible all time you cannot control

iPhone4s Slowly and Steadily Conquering Global Market

As everyone is enjoying iPhone4s why Philippines people should remain behind,The Demand for iPhone 4s in Philippines has reached record levels the Globe Telecom Inc said with the new handsets arrival news the volume of orders is increasing day by day.Since the launch of iPhone 4s all world has gone crazy behind the Siri Effect.In a statement uttered by the Globe says the online pre-orders for the   iPhone4s are increasing in thousands.Apple may have delayed this but still the Philippine is crazy for this iPhone.The iPhone is gonna hit the Philippine market by December 16.  As per news Globe started taking pre-orders for iPhone 4s last December1 the same day rival Smart Communication Inc registered their site no doubt Globe has an exclusive deal with Apple over iPhone in their country.The Philippines is a part of third wave of countries where iPhone 4s will be launched. Many other countries Thailand,Brazil,Chile,Russia,South Africa,Malaysia,Turkey and Taiwan might rec

txtWeb invites you to be Developer and refer a Developer

txtWeb is inviting all the programmers to develop applications for txtWeb.Anyone who can develop app are free to contact and develop Apps for txtWeb. If any one is further interested in referring in an Developer he will be paid for referring if that developer develops an App Check the Developer Referral Program. . This program is an initiative to make and build the developer .He can excel in his programming skills as well as contribute to the txtWeb platform in gaining popularity.This young generation graduate Engineers who want a platform to prove themselves can also join this community so they can Excel in their Skills and place an Example in front of the World that they are not less and can compete in this struggling world and fight for the position to become a Great Developer. txtWeb is planning to gain popularity by this medium and helping the underacheivers to acheive something they have never imagine of .To show their skills and thinking and their approach towar

Latest iPhone and iPad Apps released for this Week

Get to know the latest app released this weekend Fix-it-up : World Tour This is an time management game from G5 this time centered around the car repair business ,with an underlying romance theme for the protogonist ! Game Center support,Free version available Path. This is 2.0 version of photo sharing service that shows a new app with not only sharing pictures but music locations and even sleep patterns too.Free version available Infinity Blade II. This game is sequel of most selling Infinity Blade it looks to be more interesting with better looking graphics and bigger weapons!  It’s universal for the iPhone and i Pad, plus it has Game Center support.  $6.99/£4.99.

Google Music vs iTunes...Are you ready for the change or happy with the same.

It was a pleasant Wednesday for  music lovers as Google music and  online music and free locker for digital music was released.But the next day question arise was with the existing of Apple and Amazon well settled digital music forest will these be liable to compete with them or it will be just an another e-music player.One can say that it is just one more Weapon in fight for Apple vs Android.No doubt iTunes users must have iPod,iPhone or other Apple device to play music ,movies or content they download but Google Music will be viable across multiple devices and of course would prefer to choose a device running Android Operating System. Many say it's Tom and Jerry show as Google trying to catch up with iTunes but it's not that all it is about filling the big Gap music hole in Google's Mobile Business "Peter Kafka stated for All Things D"As there was no Single Android phone approached the popularity of iPhone (iphone4s) but android smartphone turned up as w

Ice-Cream Sandwich get's last Adobe Flash Player

Adobe shocked the world with the imminent closure announcement of flash Player development.It was uncertain decision heading out of company.However it is not yet confirm whether one more release of Flash Player for mobile browsing is possible but the news states it 's confirm and the reason is Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich.They also stated that with the complete of New flash Player for Android 4.0 ICS  Adobe will finish developing Flash Linux Porting Kit and which might be  ready by end of the year.  Greg DeMichillie of Adobe’s told eWeek,that the development might stop but they will continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates.Since the time for Samsung Galaxy Nexus is near and is lead device for Ice-Cream Sandwich this Flash Player development for ICS has been delayed. Also when the development is going to stopped Adobe's Development  team will start making software kits for industry new HTML5 web standard.Since it is universally supported on major

Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4 siri comparision

It's since long time that two Lords haven't been compared .The Samsung galaxy Nexus and iphone4s they have just rocked this year's Smartphone market,Samsung and Apple has taken the global share as compared to other companies.Each of these smartphone have one or other peculiarity feature which makes you stay stunned ,Either to purchase this or that at least i am confused i don't know about you i feel like having both of them.No matter both of them have their own identity and uniqueness and are Best in their own features yet still check out some of their features in comparison in the video below from . Both of these Smartphones enjoy scrolling and pinch -zooming while iphone is a bit better as double-tap zoom gesture is excellent.No doubt the flash has no existence in Apple but in Nexus once Adobe optimize it for Icecream Sandwich  Galaxy Nexus will get it.Also some users may have frame fluctation at initial stage but because of powerful dual processo

Apple ,Motorola,Samsung,Microsoft now expanding to African market

Africa has become the latest hotspot for the mobile market in the world after Asia,amongst them are the countries like Ukraine and Brazil.The numbers of subscribers on the continent has grown almost 20% each year since this five years the GSM Association report says.It also states that by 2012 there is a possibility of 735 million subscribers.It was rarely possible for this boom in Africa but due to landline connection inconsistency the rise for mobile phone has increase.Now in every 100 people 65 have some or other form of mobile connectivity.The report GSMA says that 96% of subscriptions are pre-paid with voice services currently dominating but also data services is increasing steadily.Also one good reason is the Kenyan government has decrease 16% sales tax on mobile handset due to which the purchase has increased by 200 % and since then maximum money transactions are done via mobile.  In Africa Nigeria has the Highest number of Smartphone mobile subscription upto 93 mill

Facebook twitter available on Smartphones without Internet Package just via txtWeb

Every one is anxious about txtWeb what is it Web on text how is it possible that also from anywhere around the Globe just by texting a message and Web exist on mobile the concept is hard to digest yet it has been brought to reality by the Developers of txtWeb.  Just by SMSing keywords similar to domain name to one national number one can receive the content on mobile..The Keywords represents an almost unlimited number of applications on internet from different community and sources including developers and publishers.Even the wikipedia content or local sites and goverment sites are possible by txtWeb.To be honest the user friendly messaging service can turn into real time Browser which he can use for texting message and the Web is in front of Him. Since the number of mobile users in India are up-to 700 million and half of them have no internet facility on their mobile or rarely can afford the mobile internet data plans.So many of them are denied from various latest

Windows Phone Tango Build Spotted

Windows Phone Tango was supposed to be the 7.10.8200 build but now it seems that there are some changes made in the Tango update front also we can expect two different builds for Tango according to some hardware changes made earlier last month with the updated chassis. As Reported earlier by WPSauce ,Tango build has been spotted in the wild courtesy the WP Bench app ,a popular benchmarking app for Windows Phone.For what we all know Windows Phone Tango would be the next update from microsoft Post the Major Mango update we had a couple of months ago. Windows Phone Tango is expected to be released sometime next year prior to the next major Windows Phone update codenamed Apollo which is also expected in the next calendar year. Via [ TPB ]

Iphone now can detect radiation nearby You

Well everyone is aware about the effects of radiation cause by Smartphones.No doubt it is Hazardous to health yet we use this Smartphones just to choose the right smartphone here is the device which tells you which is better and has less radiation as compare to other. The tool has future as it detects radiation.Also it tells the place you visit is surrounded by radiation or not.Just Plug the RDTX Portable Radiation Detector into your Smartphone whethwe iphone ,Samsung,Motorola,Windows Phone,or even ipod touch and it will tell you whether or not the radiation level is safe or not.It gives you the description via the three-color system which tells you whether it is safe or not,The indications states as Green is Safe,Yellow means elevated radiation level detected,Red means danger zone. No doubt facebook can be part of it or not but device from Scosche can share radiation measurement results on facebook twitter google maps so that you can make your friends aware about such lo

Galaxy Nexus Front camera turns into HD

Well to be Honest there are so many news banging related to the Cameras for Smartphone devices.Amongst them one is for the Galaxy Nexus  which is capable of capturing 720p video from its front camera this was stated as a new you tube video posted by the owner of Nexus in UK . Sam Pullen who is also an Blogger from Yorkshire posted a video related to Nexus and its complete features in his video which also described the features related to the camera and its functionality using Ice cream Sandwich.No doubt the inclusion of panorama effect and various other video effect available in it also attracts the users.The only surprise in Sam's video was the recording via the Smartphone front-face camera which showed SD and HD capture. This camera is 1.3megapixel with resolution of 1280x1024 which is just over the threshold for 720 p video but it works because of the ICS software.This option is seen only when the device having 1.3 Mp front camera.The Blogger Sam post

Galaxy Nexus Beats iPhone 4S in Browsing Benchmarks but lags in OpenGL

The first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone Galaxy Nexus, was released last week in UK and AnandTech  has benchmarked Galaxy Nexus vs. the iPhone 4S. Though the Galaxy Nexus Processor didn't turn out to be what we thought but it was good enough to beat the iPhone 4S marginally in browser benchmarks. But interestingly  iPhone 4S and iPad 2 fare better when compared with the Galaxy Nexus in GPU benchmarks which is limited by its slower SGX 540, which is very crucial for gaming purposes.The iPhone 4S makes use of the A5 processor, which makes use of the dual-core SGX 543MP2 GPU from Imagination Technologies.  It remains to be seen how the Galaxy Nexus would fare in comparison with the iPhone 4S as far as the sales goes,since we already know that iPhone 4S has been breaking all the records by far. Via[ TAD ]

Smartphone with pico-projector makes file sharing easier

Well with this growth of New technology and Smartphones it is tough of not to think of something crazy that exist,Its now just left on your imagination what you want or dream off and it might be in front of you in just a month or two.Has anyone dream of controlling and Smartphone with voice no never but came to reality when Siri for iphone4s was launched,Considering this there are different modes of communication and problems we face while we are talking on phone with other who are far from us. There are so many things what we want to do but difficult to manage or share when we on phone,has anyone thought that if there is a possibility that one day will come when one can grab the pizza from the phone shared by other friend far away from you ,God Knows ? But this recent Boom in technology has capture and raised the market to heights. One Great example to share with you via this PhoneBlogCrazy is the cellphone with pico projectors?No doubt they already exist  bu

Apple in Trouble as users detect No Sim Card installed error

Is this for what we bought the iPhone is what maximum users are now thinking."No Sim Card installed" is what the iPhone is saying what to do now it's not Working . These are the complaints iphone users are chanting.Back in mid-October many iPhone 4s users posted this thread starting from producing sim error message and finally ending with No Sim Card installed message.This similar issues arised with iphone4 but their were no reply's from Apple. Amongst these threads were  few who had detailed knowledge about this he stated that this is all because of usage of micro-Sim rather than mini-Sim form factor in these recent i phones. The Woo Servers believes that this issues were directly related to the design flaw of eject mechanism  on New Sim card.It also stated that sometimes the eject mechanism touches metal contact of Sim ,creating a short circuit,Actually it goes on detailing to create a barrier with non-conductive material such as on tape. No doubt this op

iPhone Magnet Case to Protect from Accidental Damage

Talking about all the iphone4,iphone4s,Windows Phone7,Samsung,Motorola OS and their Features but this is something New.Everyone gets on to the purchase but very few think of protection of their device and keeping it Brand New. To make it possible AGF has made some interesting cases for Smartphone Devices.Amongst them is Precision HSD Case for iPhone 3G,iPhone3Gs,iPhone4 and iPhone4s.This Magnate case is more popular in Users specially Teens as the damage from this case is next to nothing,as the so Costly iDevice remains safe even after the Drop Down Test. This Magnate case is an affordable way an iPhone user can say that he owns it for his so called costly Device which he has earned from his pocket money as many says.. No Doubt people think that to such a Beautiful Looking i phones what is this "Condom" a Protection which steals the Beauty of the iDevice. But to the users Concern it is not like so,It has got Class of it's own.This Gadget the Magnet Case has Leat

i3DG for iphone and ipod..

This is just an surprise for all the iphone and ipod user as the new i3DG invented by media artist Jitsuro Mase is simply marvelous.The Great old Theatrical Stage magic Technique invented in late 1860's by Sir John Henry Pepper specially known as the (Pepper's Ghost) is now implemented by the media Artist live. This is an Handy Palm Top Theater accessory for your iphone4 and ipod touch.This lets you enjoy 3D content on your iPhone and iPod  without the need for any kind of special type Glass.The only idea behind this is the pseudo -3D effect that attracts the viewers and keep them involve in the application is the three different layers of videos or animations using half-silvered mirrors at 45 degrees angle. This is also without the accessory on your iPhone or iPod device the video being played back just looks like 3 separated animations stacked on top of each other.But when you view it from proper angle through the i3DG created the videos e

New Apps for your Smart Phone.

This are the few different Apps which are launched and are worth using it,Specially with Windows Mango.It is never easy for the Third Party app developer creating this Apps with such great compatibility with all the devices as they support different Operating system.Beside of the Great Ideas in your mind you also need to master the platform's SDK,and then develop put your hard work and make sure the app has visibility in ecosystem you infiltrate.Also Microsoft has provided  BizSpark program which help software developers to bring their Apps to market.No doubt their are various other program's like Mobile Acceleration Week which was held in San Francisco which shares latest Apps and information arrive in Market. News360 This Apps gathers information from Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and other social networking site you visited and uses it to construct an interest graph that search and provides you with interested topics .This App uses this data narrowly to provid

Ukraine and Indian Smartphone Market rise high

The recent news stated that there is a great hike in Indian mobile market which has triggered all the new as well as leaders in smartphones to move to Indian market.But the recent cracking news is that similar stories have arise in Ukraine too the Ukraine market is also on a Boom in terms of increase usage of Smartphone users.In first quarter of 2011 the mobile usages and smartphones usages have rise to 18 percent as compare to 1.9 million devices in 2010 as survey conducted by IDC After this 2011 growth of mobile devices the market has been stabilized but now it has again started blooming with launch of latest Smartphones with increase of around 18 percent ,The IDC analyst Natalia Milko believes that the main reason for increase in Ukrainian Market is the mobile Internet as every user now needs internet 24/7 and so the smartphone necessity is must ,no doubt the decrease in devices price has triggered the market more with it. Ukrainians jumping for smartphones as the device price h

Apple's battery issues Fix with launch of iOS 5.0.1

This week was a bit lazy in terms of Apples News but this is no more now as the launch of iOS 5.0.1  the first beta version for developers is out  and is available for download for  the general users.This update includes solving Battery issues as it improves battery life which was a major issue users faced running iOS 5 last month .Also along with the battery life bug fixed there are various other extended features what it provides like   1.It adds multitasking gestures for original ipad 2.Resolves bugs with Documents in the Cloud 3. Improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation This update is available to the owners of iphone4s,iphone 4,iphone 3GS,ipad and ipad touch third and fourth generation .There is also a possibility that some users cannot plug the idevice to the computer or laptop then don't worry as an on air download via Software update is also available just move to your device and follow the below act This can be done by operating your Set

Apple Surrenders Indian market to RIM and Nokia

Talking about the Indian market as per earlier Blog post the Indian market is blooming at a faster rate for Smart Phone and all the major companies like Apple,Samsung,Motorola from all over the world are trying to grab this opportunity to show their potential and grab the Indian market.There are more than 602 million active subscribers in India and and all of them trying to conquer this Sweet Pie kept in front of them as this is the only country left untouched by them in terms of Smartphone marketing. But what is the reason the greats like Apple is facing trouble selling i phones in India the recent launch of iphone4s also didn't look to be that great surprise with shipping fewer handset to world's second-largest mobile -phone market as it does to Norway.The reason is the Nokia Oyj (NOK1V) and Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) have sold more devices in India so the market of Apple and others got down.But recent studies revealed that Indian market is forecast to grow almost 7

Indian Mobile Market takes a High Jump

The News came of a sudden that there is an increase in the Mobile market,and when it was confirmed it was a surprise to see the Indian Mobile market is expected to touch Rs 48000 crore by 2012 despite of various other new subscriber additions to mobile network . An Ovum study till July 2011 says over 1 billion mobile subscribers by 2015 which suggested India is likely to account for a significant portion of addition to New handset.An E&Y-Ficci report from mobile device reveals that in 2010 there were 15 crore handeset sold in India,and the market is to hit upto 18.15 crore by 2012 a CAGR of 10%, This boom in the handset market will propelled the rural teledensity which is presently stuck at 36%.The mobile device assumes critical importance in next phase of telecom revolution with both handset prices and average rate for a voice call/per minute might increase.The Data reveals that roughly 9 crore of total 15 crore handset sold in 2010 were imported.  By 2013 at 3.6

Spotify Application to serve for Windows Phone 7

Windows users  Phone 7 is trying to built it's status in market by competing with likes of Apple and Samsung in context to this Spotify recently declared a new Mobile Application for Windows Phone 7 which came more than a year after the music streaming first serve Microsoft.This App is named Spotify is now in Windows Phone Marketplace and requires Phone7 device running version 7.5 mango or Higher also no doubt with Spotify account.                                      Image courtesy via [ ] This is similar to the other range mobile apps you can search play music browse and even check your friend's playlist and also stream music on WI-Fi and 3G. As a music company to enlighten it's feature Spotify has claim that it has apps for mobile devices more than any other music service.But to rectify them a quick look through it's competitor says as most of streaming services have phones running on Android,iOS,Symbian,Web OS or rarely Windows 7 platform

Market studies Revealed : Celestial growth in Ukraine for Smart Phones

The Need for Speed and Smartness is what now a days all users are focused on & why shouldn't they be?As the New Generations of Smart Phone are out in Market competing against one another the likes of Apple,Motorola,Samsung,Windows are tough competitor to Beat struggling against one another for Top Flight.The latest loaded technologies such as iOS,Android,Ice cream-Sandwich such features trying to improve and making the competition more tougher.In order to buy these fully loaded Smartphones people are struggling as which is the Best Handset either to choose the Android or iOS or something else. The Launch of iPhone 4s with "S" no doubt stands for Smartness with Siri was the Show stopper for all the onlookers as one can control the Smartphones on one's Voice it was extremely something out of the Box thinking by Apple iphone 4s to attract the Users no doubt few were disappointed as it was not up to mark as of Iphone5 was to be launched and Apple revealed

Apple in Germany in Trouble Water as Motorola granted patent restrictions

It was Motorola weekend as on friday Motorola Mobility drop and restrictions against Apple Inc due to which in Germany,Apple could now not sell it's Mobile products.This restrictions was originally implemented by FOSS Patents and was later known and confirmed by Apple as statement says "This is a procedural issue that has nothing to do with the merits of the case. This does not affect our ability to sell products or do business in Germany at this time."  Various sites uttered that since the restrictions name Apple Inc and not  Apple GmbH (Apple Germany),this victory might be more than symbolic.The fact was that Apple Inc do not actually sell products in Germany.So a default restriction was granted against Apple Inc as it failed to reply to the suit earlier in due time,when it was named co-defendant with Apple Germany .Hence later Apple Germany reply to the suit in time as thus is dodging the default restriction Later the News was out by Foss that Ap

Can iphone4s including Siri be encrusted with Gold,Diamonds and T-Rex be on sale as ipad is ???

It was a pleasant surprise for the on lookers and the buyers when an ipad worth £5 million was put on Sale.This was customized by specialist designers with Gold,Diamonds and shavings of Tyrannosaurus Rex bone. It was believed to be the most expensive gadget this device was actually created by Briton,Stuart Hughes as the Sky News reports suggested.   Image courtesy via [ ] This Designers encrusted the ipad2 with 12.5 carat diamonds which also included total 53 gems making an icon of the company Apple.The back of the gadget consist of 24 carat gold and the front is embedded with 75 million year old rock-Ammo lite.Also to enlighten the gadget the T-Rex thigh bone of 65 million years back is also part of this gadget in the stone  Hughes is already an celebrity and famous for his unique creations and thus and icing on the cake he created this gadget worth £5 million,He is famous for his £219,995 Mac book Air computer and a diamond and platinum i

Android Honeycomb 3.2 update for Motorola Xoom available in UK now....

Android Honeycomb update is available in UK for the latest Motorola Xoom and is now available for download,It is a complete Box  loaded with extraordinary features as mentioned below.  1.The Resizable Widgets is an improvement over the existing  widget which featured the complete control of the widget which lets you expand and contract the widget into size you want to fit on Motorola screen. 2.The Compatibility Mode improvement is another feature which help with certain Apps like Facebook which looks weird on tablet in current stretcheble form this latest improvement also provides zoom facility to the app which is similar to the ipad's 2X zoom feature .The advantage of this feature is that when you zoom it to max the quality is still the same crisp and clean.This is a Browny Point for the update. 3.The Rotational Acceleration feature is still applicable which makes it bit more snappy. 4.The Cloud Connect (Citrix) is such an application that you can run full wind

Samsung drag's Apple's Jonathan Ive and iphone 4s to court for source code test.

Jonathan Ive and his specialist team of designers are dragged to court by Samsung and asked to provide their deposition by Nov 1.But when they came to know they aren't available in that duration due to various reason professionally as well as personally the period was increased to Dec1. This all started when first Apple sued Samsung in month of April for copying the look and feel of its popular iPad and iPhones products and in counterattack to them, Samsung asked to Ban the iphones in Australia which is Samsungs priority market,but as law varies from country to country Apple took the advantage of Netherland court  when similar issues evolved and the court dismissed the case for iPhone and 3G iPads violating Samsung's patents for 3G wireless on the grounds that they were standards based and couldn't be used for lawsuits. Meanwhile samsung was demanding too much as they wanted to see the source firmware code for iphone4s in Australia but not to forget their very ow

Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone a wise purchase or not????

It was Nokia who was the center of attraction last few weeks because of its exclusive launch of Lumia Windows phone 7.5.This was the smart phone release by Nokia after tie-up with Windows. The launch of Lumia shares similar  features as of MeeGo powered N9 which included the single-piece polycarbonate construction which looks similar but the addon to it is the singlecore 1.4Ghz processor,16GB of internal storage ,512 MB ram and 8-megapixel camera along with the video resolution and capture is 720p video with 3.7 inch and WVGA resolution with Clear Black Amoled display is an icing on cake.No doubt the market rate will be higher as approximately $585 but U.S might have to wait a bit too long . In order to acheive something Big as it is wisely stated "Drop him in water and he will learn to swim by himself " so is the Nokia who opted to take a large Leap and jump directly into the European Market first rather than taking small footsteps however but to succeed  widel

Nokia finally unveils its first Windows Phones!!!!!

  Nokia finally unveils its first Microsoft Windows Phones - Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Nokia launched two new sleek phone models to get back in race with Apple and Google. The Lumia - 800 features easy access to Social Network like Facebook and has a high-definition video playback . The Lumia - 800 will sell for about about $580(euro420) excluding subsidies. The high-end Lumia - 800 comes with vivid colors and a curved, black display, features Windows Phone's live icons on the home screen, which automatically update news,  weather and Facebook feeds . It  also  has boasts   free  navigation  and Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 browser, putting it in  the same bracket as Apple's iPhone and Samsung's top Galaxy phones. With Carl Zeiss optics and 16GB of internal memory, the phone will be available in some European countries in November, including France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Britain. It will be shipped in Hong Kong, I