Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Smart Phones are more popular then television

There was a day when People use to sit in front of Television for hours watching and murmuring about the Serials and episodes.But those days have changed now.Smart Phones have now become more popular then this Television sets.It is like it has become a part of our lives,the Television use to give us News and information which is now possible on Smartphones as well it has become an mode of entertainment with all sort of extra features which television may not provide.The usage of Smart Apps on Mobiles the full access to Internet and visual display of Information graphically has brought an tremendous change for the users which they can move on tip of finger.

The users who use to spend several hours in front of Television are not spending the same on Smart Phones many surveys revealed that in terms of television there was a period when elders used to tell children see this it is important gain knowledge from this it is an informational program for children.But now it is vice-verse children tell their elders hey see this we got this from Internet this is how it is.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Apple has gained almost double market share recently with the launch of Apple iPhone4s.The Shares of US Smartphone has gone nearly 44.9 percent as per Kantar Worldpanel ComTech suggested.
The Kantar said it has been a long period of time when the rivalry between Apple and Android started and it almost looked like Android was gonna overtake Apple but as if of the FAST and FURIOUS Race the Nitrous was the turning Point one can say to take Apple in front lead as that of APPLE iPHONE4s the Nitrous suggested.


Overall Apple sales are growing faster then Android in nine countries like Britain, Australia and the US. Dominic Sunnebo.It was heard that there was around 37.4 million iPhone sales in last quarter of Year.
After the Late Steve Jobs departed the Apple was handled by Tim Cook but no-doubt this chief executive was so capable that he helped in boosting the sales and rising the company towards success for which people doubted after departure of STEVE THE KING JOBS.Np doubt the problems face bu him were critical like the shortage of supply but still he managed to get it all done.

Each Apple Smartphone whatever it may be the 3GS, the iPhone 4S or the iPhone all were useful in achieving the 37 million target units and so was glad to cover the range with great Products.One can still say that 2011 was the YEAR of iPhone4s or the APPLE.no doubt Thanks to Steve Jobs who started it .

Monday, January 23, 2012

The story what has arrived from few days is that majority of U.S residents prefer Samsung Android device than any other OS device.Why is it so does anyone knows when asked people replied it is User friendly with high display quality and functionality .

For quite few time the competition between Apple and Android seems to be leading by Android at least in this few months.With the latest Android version releasing the improvement has shown by Android.As the users current Smartphone device may be the reason why he looks for some additional features and he might find it in Android then in any other OS.That is the reason the market share has increased to 47 percent compare to Apple iPhone's 24 percent

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Also since major Smartphone owners as of Samsung and Motorola,Samsung Android is the most preferred one and is expanding it's market at a quicker rate following them is Motorola and HTC as well as ZTE and Huawei are challenging them .Lets hope for the best as the Android development is increasing day by day so are the users tempted for some hotspot to target by Android so that they can easily grab their Android with no doubt in mind.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Always IF's and BUT's exist what ever you do same is the condition for the Galaxy Nexus,the most hyped Smartphone in this few months is facing tremendous problems in it's working.The US early owners of the Smartphone galaxy Nexus have to face this Bugs may be this are minor faults but they cannot be overlooked.It is simply frustrating for the new Owners as after spending the "Hard Earned Money" in buying the Smart Phone like Galaxy Nexus and if it
not working as per satisfaction it's a BAD CHOICE in spending so much.Even though with the 4.0.2 update and swift push to Android 4.0.3 in coming weeks some of this Bugs can create more problems.

There aren't some major problems yet as the writers and users specified but as per the basic functionality is concern the users are still not satisfied.The Basic use as of Multitouch in 3D games like Shadowgun and GunBros are facing problems with the muliti touch as after playing few games the sensitivity of the phone on right side gets lost.This is an issue which cannot be overlooked as it requires a restart to get it on.

No doubt this may not be some Software issue but still Michael Blake from Techhog stated that it is tremendously slow when switching from portrait to Landscape mode.When it comes to iPhone the same took just 3 sec that is few seconds of rotation and quick start then Nexus.May be as he stated it may be slow as per his concern is consider but the same users of Nexus may find it an issue to be resolved.

Also as the Nexus is new to the market and users no doubt there will be some problems and quirks that users will face and then will overcome with some update as it is always done .

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everyone is aware about the iPhone and its Drop down test now lets concentrate on some Water Test.Liquids and electronics are enemies of each other no electronics go well with this.That is the reason we have waterproof watches and devices .Now how about a iPhone which is waterproof shocking right.But it is the truth now you can too film underwater and get great pics as Four Pro by Mocean Armor is here.This is the toughest armor one can find.

The fourPro is designed in such a way that it suits your iPhone and iPhone 4s .It can go 100 feet deep as it is said is maximum safe depth.As you can see was used in shooting a National Geographic documentry on great white sharks.No doubt it cant be compare to the professional video cameras but yes as a amateur  you can try with this.The fourpro have designed it in such a way by using materials that are used in constructions of professional cameras used underwater and since iPhone's display remains visible all time you cannot control it with your hand so one thing what you need to do is set up your iPhone prior to diving.One can see the shutter key is triggered by a mechanical sealed button that presses on smartphones volume key .

As it is said high quality has high cost so is this gadget.But still you can reserve one for just $400 on kickstarter web page or grab it for $700 once it hits mass production..No doubt if you are a sea lover and love diving and filming then obviously this is worth spending then grabbing a diving camera which cost you more than this.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

As everyone is enjoying iPhone4s why Philippines people should remain behind,The Demand for iPhone 4s in Philippines has reached record levels the Globe Telecom Inc said with the new handsets arrival news the volume of orders is increasing day by day.Since the launch of iPhone 4s all world has gone crazy behind the Siri Effect.In a statement uttered by the Globe says the online pre-orders for the 

 iPhone4s are increasing in thousands.Apple may have delayed this but still the Philippine is crazy for this iPhone.The iPhone is gonna hit the Philippine market by December 16.
 As per news Globe started taking pre-orders for iPhone 4s last December1 the same day rival Smart Communication Inc registered their site no doubt Globe has an exclusive deal with Apple over iPhone in their country.The Philippines is a part of third wave of countries where iPhone 4s will be launched.

Many other countries Thailand,Brazil,Chile,Russia,South Africa,Malaysia,Turkey and Taiwan might receive it on the same day as Philippines or a day later.
To be Honest Apple has conquered Global Market and is spreading at an faster rate lets see how many of this Apple Lovers remain Loyal with release of New Technology and OS with likes of Android and  iOS it's better to keep fingers cross.

Monday, December 5, 2011

txtWeb invites you to be Developer and refer a Developer

txtWeb is inviting all the programmers to develop applications for txtWeb.Anyone who can develop app are free to contact and develop Apps for txtWeb.

If any one is further interested in referring in an Developer he will be paid for referring if that developer develops an App
Check the Developer Referral Program..
This program is an initiative to make and build the developer .He can excel in his programming skills as well as contribute to the txtWeb platform in gaining popularity.This young generation graduate Engineers who want a platform to prove themselves can also join this community so they can Excel in their Skills and place an Example in front of the World that they are not less and can compete in this struggling world and fight for the position to become a Great Developer.

txtWeb is planning to gain popularity by this medium and helping the underacheivers to acheive something they have never imagine of .To show their skills and thinking and their approach towards the new Modern Development rather than following the age old traditional approach.
This is the time for Change and lets see who is the one to bring this change.

Those with Blooming ideas are free to contribute to this via development and contributing with innovative ideas towards this txtWeb.

No doubt one concern is what in return will the developer get.
Apart from developiong and spreading txtWeb the one who will will refer 5 referrals from your invitation list sigh up for this platform will win gift coupon worth INR 500 as a token of Appreciation

If any one referred by you develops an App and receives 1500 unique users in 2 months then the App gets published and the referrer wins INR 2500 and the developer wins INR 5000 as a token of appreciation.

In order to know how this referrer program works see this
Here’s how you can start referring your friends

  • Sign into .
  • Click on “Refer a Developer” banner on the top of the page.
  • Enter email ids of developers who you feel would add value to our platform.
  • Click on the “Invite” button.
  • An email is sent to the developer with the referral link.
  • The invited developer has to click the link and register himself/herself on the platform.
  • An email is sent to the referrer for every referral that signs up on the platform.

Here is the list of 37 cool apps on txtWeb. Download List of Apps - or

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Get to know the latest app released this weekend

Fix-it-up : World Tour

This is an time management game from G5 this time centered around the car repair business ,with an underlying romance theme for the protogonist ! Game Center support,Free version available


This is 2.0 version of photo sharing service that shows a new app with not only sharing pictures but music locations and even sleep patterns too.Free version available

Infinity Blade II.

This game is sequel of most selling Infinity Blade it looks to be more interesting with better looking graphics and bigger weapons!  It’s universal for the iPhone and i Pad, plus it has Game Center support.  $6.99/£4.99.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It was a pleasant Wednesday for  music lovers as Google music and  online music and free locker for digital music was released.But the next day question arise was with the existing of Apple and Amazon well settled digital music forest will these be liable to compete with them or it will be just an another e-music player.One can say that it is just one more Weapon in fight for Apple vs Android.No doubt iTunes users must have iPod,iPhone or other Apple device to play music ,movies or content they download but Google Music will be viable across multiple devices and of course would prefer to choose a device running Android Operating System.

Many say it's Tom and Jerry show as Google trying to catch up with iTunes but it's not that all it is about filling the big Gap music hole in Google's Mobile Business "Peter Kafka stated for All Things D"As there was no Single Android phone approached the popularity of iPhone (iphone4s) but android smartphone turned up as whole a huge force which capture half the market in last quarter.Android phones amounted to capture 52% of global market as compared to 15% iPhone.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Adobe shocked the world with the imminent closure announcement of flash Player development.It was uncertain decision heading out of company.However it is not yet confirm whether one more release of Flash Player for mobile browsing is possible but the news states it 's confirm and the reason is Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich.They also stated that with the complete of New flash Player for Android 4.0 ICS  Adobe will finish developing Flash Linux Porting Kit and which might be  ready by end of the year.
 Greg DeMichillie of Adobe’s told eWeek,that the development might stop but they will continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates.Since the time for Samsung Galaxy Nexus is near and is lead device for Ice-Cream Sandwich this Flash Player development for ICS has been delayed.

Also when the development is going to stopped Adobe's Development  team will start making software kits for industry new HTML5 web standard.Since it is universally supported on major mobile devices HTML5 is the best solution for creating and deploying  content in browser across mobile platform.Since their exist major key players like Google,Microsoft,Apple,and RIM and as they drive HTML5  they can contribute a lot to this to advance mobile browsers.
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