Smart Phones are more popular then television

There was a day when People use to sit in front of Television for hours watching and murmuring about the Serials and episodes.But those days have changed now.Smart Phones have now become more popular then this Television sets.It is like it has become a part of our lives,the Television use to give us News and information which is now possible on Smartphones as well it has become an mode of entertainment with all sort of extra features which television may not provide.The usage of Smart Apps on Mobiles the full access to Internet and visual display of Information graphically has brought an tremendous change for the users which they can move on tip of finger.

The users who use to spend several hours in front of Television are not spending the same on Smart Phones many surveys revealed that in terms of television there was a period when elders used to tell children see this it is important gain knowledge from this it is an informational program for children.But now it is vice-verse children tell their elders hey see this we got this from Internet this is how it is.

Not only there is a switch from television to Smartphones but the young generation has got matured in terms of technology and usage of this devices thus making them grow in and virtual environment.Phones were just a medium of communication but know it has expanded towards something much better then it .It helps you in providing the Touch and Feel effect of the person as if he is beside you.

Hope to see much more such things ahead which helps in motivating our young generation towards reading and gaining information and making them self content and aware about the world over him and not only the circle he is in.


  1. Quite true, especially that technology has been open more to kids in the early age. It shows that the traditional technology that we have will eventually die if modern technology keeps on making its way to peoples lives.

  2. the bad thing is children can access porn from smartphones...
    and also they became anti social..

    1. piggy that's right this young generation is getting screwed

  3. Yup,earlier kids use to play outdoor Football,now they play on Play stations and Xbox


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