Android is losing race to Apple's iphone

Apple has gained almost double market share recently with the launch of Apple iPhone4s.The Shares of US Smartphone has gone nearly 44.9 percent as per Kantar Worldpanel ComTech suggested.
The Kantar said it has been a long period of time when the rivalry between Apple and Android started and it almost looked like Android was gonna overtake Apple but as if of the FAST and FURIOUS Race the Nitrous was the turning Point one can say to take Apple in front lead as that of APPLE iPHONE4s the Nitrous suggested.


Overall Apple sales are growing faster then Android in nine countries like Britain, Australia and the US. Dominic Sunnebo.It was heard that there was around 37.4 million iPhone sales in last quarter of Year.
After the Late Steve Jobs departed the Apple was handled by Tim Cook but no-doubt this chief executive was so capable that he helped in boosting the sales and rising the company towards success for which people doubted after departure of STEVE THE KING JOBS.Np doubt the problems face bu him were critical like the shortage of supply but still he managed to get it all done.

Each Apple Smartphone whatever it may be the 3GS, the iPhone 4S or the iPhone all were useful in achieving the 37 million target units and so was glad to cover the range with great Products.One can still say that 2011 was the YEAR of iPhone4s or the doubt Thanks to Steve Jobs who started it .


  1. You cannot doubt that, but Android is still a great phone even it's not as popular as iPhone.

  2. Yes you are right,But still Android is developing it might be better

  3. You are right but Android is improving


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