Nokia Hit or Miss

After launching of Nokia 3310 with price tag of 3310 Rs telecom industry is witnessing some
interesting turn around of events. With the launch of Nokia 3310, Nokia proved that there is lot left in the feature phone segment industry.

In the world of smart phones with 3G-4G,Wi-Fi support and HD display, Nokia just pitched in
with a simple yet elegant phone.

India which is becoming the biggest market for smart phone devices has special connection with Nokia.
Around 40 percent of population still own a simple device with basic feature. and are comfortable with push button.
Nokia 3310 brings back the sweet memories of snake games,great battery support and rough and tough usage as compared to today's smart phone.

Nokia has maintained its curved screen display with excellent battery backup.It also comes with vibrant choices of colors that might appeal young & old. Continuing it's old features it has also upgraded itself to micros USB port for ease of charging.

The only problems that Nokia can face in market is the price tag attached to it. At cost of Rs 3310 there are lots of competing smart phones in market which have more feature than Nokia 3310.

Most of the users in India have got addicted to Facebook, Whats-app and Twitter but Nokia 3310 has not upgraded to the same. Camera is limited to 2 megapixel which might not appeal young crowd.

So it would be difficult for Nokia to compete in real market as a primary phone but yet serve the purpose as a backup phone for people in India who carry dual phones.


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