iPhone4 and iPhone4S survives Water Test

Everyone is aware about the iPhone and its Drop down test now lets concentrate on some Water Test.Liquids and electronics are enemies of each other no electronics go well with this.That is the reason we have waterproof watches and devices .Now how about a iPhone which is waterproof shocking right.But it is the truth now you can too film underwater and get great pics as Four Pro by Mocean Armor is here.This is the toughest armor one can find.

The fourPro is designed in such a way that it suits your iPhone and iPhone 4s .It can go 100 feet deep as it is said is maximum safe depth.As you can see was used in shooting a National Geographic documentry on great white sharks.No doubt it cant be compare to the professional video cameras but yes as a amateur  you can try with this.The fourpro have designed it in such a way by using materials that are used in constructions of professional cameras used underwater and since iPhone's display remains visible all time you cannot control it with your hand so one thing what you need to do is set up your iPhone prior to diving.One can see the shutter key is triggered by a mechanical sealed button that presses on smartphones volume key .

As it is said high quality has high cost so is this gadget.But still you can reserve one for just $400 on kickstarter web page or grab it for $700 once it hits mass production..No doubt if you are a sea lover and love diving and filming then obviously this is worth spending then grabbing a diving camera which cost you more than this.

for videos and more information check phonearena.com


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