txtWeb invites you to be Developer and refer a Developer

txtWeb is inviting all the programmers to develop applications for txtWeb.Anyone who can develop app are free to contact and develop Apps for txtWeb.

If any one is further interested in referring in an Developer he will be paid for referring if that developer develops an App
Check the Developer Referral Program..
This program is an initiative to make and build the developer .He can excel in his programming skills as well as contribute to the txtWeb platform in gaining popularity.This young generation graduate Engineers who want a platform to prove themselves can also join this community so they can Excel in their Skills and place an Example in front of the World that they are not less and can compete in this struggling world and fight for the position to become a Great Developer.

txtWeb is planning to gain popularity by this medium and helping the underacheivers to acheive something they have never imagine of .To show their skills and thinking and their approach towards the new Modern Development rather than following the age old traditional approach.
This is the time for Change and lets see who is the one to bring this change.

Those with Blooming ideas are free to contribute to this via development and contributing with innovative ideas towards this txtWeb.

No doubt one concern is what in return will the developer get.
Apart from developiong and spreading txtWeb the one who will will refer 5 referrals from your invitation list sigh up for this platform will win gift coupon worth INR 500 as a token of Appreciation

If any one referred by you develops an App and receives 1500 unique users in 2 months then the App gets published and the referrer wins INR 2500 and the developer wins INR 5000 as a token of appreciation.

In order to know how this referrer program works see this
Here’s how you can start referring your friends

  • Sign into http://txtWeb.com.
  • Click on “Refer a Developer” banner on the top of the page.
  • Enter email ids of developers who you feel would add value to our platform.
  • Click on the “Invite” button.
  • An email is sent to the developer with the referral link.
  • The invited developer has to click the link and register himself/herself on the platform.
  • An email is sent to the referrer for every referral that signs up on the platform.

Here is the list of 37 cool apps on txtWeb. Download List of Apps - Excel Format or PDF Format 


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