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Motorola X from Google a SHOT or a FLOP

After Sony Xperia Z it's all the talking about Motorola X Phone.After Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google it is the first Phone they are launching with so much craze .

It seems they have finish touching all its components in this days and are prepared to jump in the market with a Bang.

But the news also says that Google has stop all it's development on this device and has handled it to Motorola and now it's their turn to go further with this or launch .Fingers cross on this one.

The news around says it has Kevlar-reinforced casing and water-resistance quality
from Motorola Razr-i.Also a Qualcomm'c Snapdragon 600 quad-core ARM based processors
running 1.7Ghz

It has 4.8 inch HD display,720 x 1,280 resolution,Latest Android Jelly Bean,2 GB Ram,
and may be around 32 GB storage but not confirmed. Also LTE connectivity.

What else you want ?

Here's one more guys.
Motorola X also includes Droid Blast. ?
It is designed as enhancement of Android Beam file sharing system.It allows
file sharing,Image,videos sharing on WI-Fi or mobile networks with just a Gesture
Push or Pop with  single gesture and you can make it public or private.

Lets see what more this device can do.


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