You won't believe but Samsung may launch 5-inch foldable Smartphone as a competition to iPhoneSE

As per the latest ETNews update Samsung is planning to launch a foldable Smartphone device.
This device when opened turns into 7 Inch tablet.Most of the development is finished by Samsung and a prototype is ready for display,just few finishing touches remaining.Once testing is done the company is hoping to mass produce devices.

Complete configuration and details are not yet out,but it is said that the device can bend a screen in half by using OLED Display and can be carried in pockets like a wallet.

Since Samsung is always up and ready to use new technologies it is said they have implemented some of the recent technologies for this device to be easily foldable.

The prototype is almost ready as per Samsung but it needs to be perfect before launching in market.Hence a considerable amount of time is needed for the results and to make the product available in market.


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