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Nokia Hit or Miss

After launching of Nokia 3310 with price tag of 3310 Rs telecom industry is witnessing some interesting turn around of events. With the launch of Nokia 3310, Nokia proved that there is lot left in the feature phone segment industry. In the world of smart phones with 3G-4G,Wi-Fi support and HD display, Nokia just pitched in with a simple yet elegant phone. India which is becoming the biggest market for smart phone devices has special connection with Nokia. Around 40 percent of population still own a simple device with basic feature. and are comfortable with push button. Nokia 3310 brings back the sweet memories of snake games,great battery support and rough and tough usage as compared to today's smart phone. Nokia has maintained its curved screen display with excellent battery backup.It also comes with vibrant choices of colors that might appeal young & old. Continuing it's old features it has also upgraded itself to micros USB port for ease of charging. The o
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Using Whatsapp in India is illegal after update.

After latest update been pushed by Whatsapp which encrypts all chats and calls for users across globe is termed as illegal in India. As per India's telecommunication department private companies can only use encryption up to 40-bits,higher than 40 bits usage requires permission from government. So if you using Whatsapp and have pushed latest update which is using 256-bit key then you are using it illegally. With the latest encryption no one can verify what's inside the message, neither cyber criminals nor hackers.The end to end encryption makes communication with What's App private as if you are talking in person. Since India is considered as the biggest and quickest market to grow in terms of Smart phone devices and apps there are around 50% plus internet users who are using the app everyday. WhatsApp Encryption Update Since a common user might not be aware about the circumstance of the encryption as it does not affect him so much. But in terms of investiga

You won't believe but Samsung may launch 5-inch foldable Smartphone as a competition to iPhoneSE

As per the latest ETNews update Samsung is planning to launch a foldable Smartphone device. This device when opened turns into 7 Inch tablet.Most of the development is finished by Samsung and a prototype is ready for display,just few finishing touches remaining.Once testing is done the company is hoping to mass produce devices. Complete configuration and details are not yet out,but it is said that the device can bend a screen in half by using OLED Display and can be carried in pockets like a wallet. via- Since Samsung is always up and ready to use new technologies it is said they have implemented some of the recent technologies for this device to be easily foldable. The prototype is almost ready as per Samsung but it needs to be perfect before launching in market.Hence a considerable amount of time is needed for the results and to make the product available in market.

The less known fact about Apple iPhone SE

After Apple event everyone is talking about iPhone SE.Is it good\bad well lets find it here... The good thing about iPhone SE is it has got almost all the features of iPhone6 and iPhone6S from camera,processor,Siri almost everything, it can be stated as a mini iPhone6S version compacted as iPhone SE. The less known fact which says this iPhone SE was reinvented from inside out,it uses similar chip as used in iPhone6S.Also since it is created from bead-blasted aluminum to give satin like finish it can easily fit in your hand for one hand purpose.The retina display,matte finish edges and stainless steel logo just make it sexy and slick. Image Courtesy []  Apple always try to do something unique, this time with iPhone SE launch they just got the shot right. Asian market is termed as the market of emerging mobile business.Specially India where every 4 weeks a new mobile is launched. An so with iPhone SE launched with affordable price the Indian customers are eagerly waiti

Smartphones are affecting childhood and decreasing intelligence.

In this modern world where technology is replacing human for efficiency and reliability,we are forgetting one thing that along with this replacement of human efforts we are also replacing the attachment,feelings,pleasure,happiness,bond and relationship we have with each other. Unfortunately your day to day Smart Phones are involved in this too. Yes you are correct. Directly or indirectly you tend to spend more time with your smart phones then with people around you.Some studies says an average person checks their screen 150 times a day. It is not something new when your child will demand smart phones on Christmas when they should be playing with toys,dolls and read books and spend time together with family.At the age of 10-13 the child is super active and should be exposed to reading new books,learn new things and travel and play outdoor games to be healthy instead of fiddling with tablets and phones. The child brain development research says children learn about their own

What happened to Freedom 251 Smart Phone ?

It has been more than a month since mobile company Ringing Bells announced the upcoming of low budget smartphone Freedom 251.The launch of Feb 18 event of Freedom 251 did make headlines across the markets of US and UK and everyone was surprised if that was possible for a company to sell the smartphone for just Rs251. No doubt with the news of low budget smart phone in the race of Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxies the company claimed 30K pre-orders on first day of sales forcing them to suspend any further orders.                                                  Image courtesy [via] Global mobile manufacturing companies like Apple are well aware about the rising market in India for smart phones and are striving hard to accomplish themselves in the market as of US and UK. But with the rise of the upcoming Indian companies like Micromax and Intex providing customers with low budget phones the competition has taken a different turn for the biggies like Appl

Apple's live-stream event on 21 March 2016 may disclose iPhone Special Edition,iPad Air3,latest apple watch2 and more....

It's long time since Apple last launch took place and many of us were eagerly waiting about what will come next as Apple always tend to surprise people with amazing products at their event launch. This time Apple has officially confirmed about 21st March event and launching of new special edition Apple products.The rumor which is getting circulated speak about (Special edition smaller size) iPhone which will be affordable for many people across globes who wants to use iPhone but due to higher cost were not able to purchase. Apple has decided to live-stream the event on i OS,Mac and Apple TV around 10AM PT, many of the iPhone followers are confused with the title 'let us loop you in' as what is it hinting about? This might be something related to virtual reality headset or new generation of iWatches or something else. The live-streaming can be seen on Apple's own website Apple Live Stream Event So people be ready for the upcoming live-streaming event from Ap