Smartphones are affecting childhood and decreasing intelligence.

In this modern world where technology is replacing human for efficiency and reliability,we are forgetting one thing that along with this replacement of human efforts we are also replacing the attachment,feelings,pleasure,happiness,bond and relationship we have with each other.

Unfortunately your day to day Smart Phones are involved in this too. Yes you are correct. Directly or indirectly you tend to spend more time with your smart phones then with people around you.Some studies says an average person checks their screen 150 times a day.

It is not something new when your child will demand smart phones on Christmas when they should be playing with toys,dolls and read books and spend time together with family.At the age of 10-13 the child is super active and should be exposed to reading new books,learn new things and travel and play outdoor games to be healthy instead of fiddling with tablets and phones.

The child brain development research says children learn about their own emotions and learn how to regulate them. They learn and develop as per their surrounding,they learn watching us how to have a conversation , they learn with facial expressions surrounded by family,strangers around them and if this is not happening around them,the development of his brain is incomplete.

The interaction with parents,the conversations,the emotions,the touch,the fights all play important role in children brain development and this smartphones and gadgets are interfering with this.

It is not easy to snatch the gadgets and convince children to do something else, but parents can do put them in a schedule so that they are exposed to multiple resources and will remain happy too.

These are some few tricks and tips which one can utilize for child development.
  • Parents can make sure children under 2-4 must not be coming in contact with any screens or electronic devices.They should play alongside and interact with them face to face
  • See to it that they are expose to outdoor games along with gadgets.
  • Limit smart phone, TV ,Computers for 1-2 hours a day
  • Encourage them to be a smart user and use the smart phone for positive use.
  • Make them value and teach them to respect elders the importance of family meals and communication
  • Look for quality apps on iPhone which can help him grow in maths,literacy,science
  • Avoid playing or reading on smart phones or tablets while on bed sleeping.
These are some small factors which can help your child grow mentally as well as physically fit instead of being a slave to technology.There is no rocket science involved in this, just a simple disciplinary action can help you move ahead and help your child excel.


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