Galaxy Nexus and Ice-Cream Sandwich faces Bugs issues

Always IF's and BUT's exist what ever you do same is the condition for the Galaxy Nexus,the most hyped Smartphone in this few months is facing tremendous problems in it's working.The US early owners of the Smartphone galaxy Nexus have to face this Bugs may be this are minor faults but they cannot be overlooked.It is simply frustrating for the new Owners as after spending the "Hard Earned Money" in buying the Smart Phone like Galaxy Nexus and if it
not working as per satisfaction it's a BAD CHOICE in spending so much.Even though with the 4.0.2 update and swift push to Android 4.0.3 in coming weeks some of this Bugs can create more problems.

There aren't some major problems yet as the writers and users specified but as per the basic functionality is concern the users are still not satisfied.The Basic use as of Multitouch in 3D games like Shadowgun and GunBros are facing problems with the muliti touch as after playing few games the sensitivity of the phone on right side gets lost.This is an issue which cannot be overlooked as it requires a restart to get it on.

No doubt this may not be some Software issue but still Michael Blake from Techhog stated that it is tremendously slow when switching from portrait to Landscape mode.When it comes to iPhone the same took just 3 sec that is few seconds of rotation and quick start then Nexus.May be as he stated it may be slow as per his concern is consider but the same users of Nexus may find it an issue to be resolved.

Also as the Nexus is new to the market and users no doubt there will be some problems and quirks that users will face and then will overcome with some update as it is always done .


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