256 GB internal storage for Iphone7

Many users from US have been facing problems with running out of space on their iPhone. Apple has always been addressing
customer satisfaction and quality product delivery,so how can they miss on addressing the storage problems.

Taking care of the this Apple is planning to launch iphone7 with 3100mAh battery and option of 256 GB internal storage as per confirmed from chinese sources,but that's not all the other problems which users might face is the scrapping of 16 GB storage. 

Now iPhone will come in 32GB,64GB,128GB and 256GB variants.Currently no pricing details are available for the variants but with such decision major market which will be affected will be Asian Market.

Indian market is booming in terms of iPhone purchases and evolving mobile technology, average population is purchasing 16Gb affordable iPhone in Asian market.In case of scrapping 16 GB storage might hurt Apple business and slow down the growth in Asian market.

But at other end Apple is also trying to improve iPhone and it's performance the upcoming iphone7 will come with new design and might not have a headphone jack or a thinner jack in place.

It will have all-metal design body and body speaker chamber with improve sound quality,
It will come with 2 GB Ram and TFT-LCD display and A9 SoC processor.

Let's wait for some more details to get back......


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