Motorola Razr may move from Gingerbread to Icecream Sandwich

There's a continous tug of war between Motorola RAZR and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is better phone of two.But everyone knows the real difference is of the screen, the camera, an a slight difference in weight, the availability of an SD card slot, and of course in the Android version loaded.The first bunch of points will just have to be personal preference, but the last one is something that will be changing, and sooner than you might have expected. 

Motorola RAZR to get ICS in early 2012

 The Motorola senior vice president of portfolio and product management, Alain Mutricy has said that although the RAZR was designed for Gingerbread, it will get the Ice Cream Sandwich update at the "start of 2012". This is an extremely fast update given that the first ICS phone, the Galaxy Nexus, won't be on the market until next month.

Many sources stated that the update which might take place so quickly could be due to the increasingly close relationship between Google and Motorola. But, of course, we know that Google has been seeding hardware partners with ICS for months now. Motorola must have had early builds of ICS, and that is certainly helping with the speed of this update. Although, assuming Motorola had ICS builds, it seems strange that Mutricy would explicitly say that the RAZR was designed for Gingerbread but hope to see something new which may excite the buyers.


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