iPhone 4S to be Launched in India this November or December ?

iPhone 4S has been officially launched in 7 countries with multiple carriers as of yesterday with an overwhelming response from the customers all over the world and was sold out on the pre-orders for all the carriers  in US like Sprint,Verizon and AT&T.

Here’s the good news for all the indian users who are eagerly waiting to get their hands on with this beast powered by A5 processor and an upgraded hardware with double the performance than its predecessor.According to the reports by BGR  a source which is a credible one,has been right for most of its earlier breaking news about the iPhone release in the past in india has tipped them with the release dates for the iPhone 4S in india,said that the phone would eventually hit the indian markets by next month i.e november or at most the last month of the year.That is the iPhone4S would probably hit the indian shores by the end of this year.
According to the reports both Airtel and Aircel are already preparing for the launch with a hint of another carrier being in the hunt for the same.As we have already seen that apple launched the iPad 2 just a few months after the US launch in india,apple is taking an interest in the Indian markets to grab the marketshare which is currently populated with some local brands and the likes of samsung and htc selling cheap android phones in india.


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